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V.G. Belinsky Museum
Address:Penza region, Belinsky district, Belinsky, Belinsky str., 8
Telephone:8 (84153) 2-16-57
The museum dedicated to the famous Russian literary critic of the 19th c V.G. Belinsky was opened in the village Chembar in 1938. The museum is a protected cultural heritage object.
It includes several buildings: the Belinskys’ family house, old school building, the former house of a town merchant Antyushin. 
The family house offers the exhibtion of the obects of family history, famiily library, archival documents, interior objects of the first half of the 19th c.
The old school building houses the exhibits related to school traditions of the 19th c and tells the story of Belinsky’s studies in Chembar and later in Penza and Moscow.  Apart from the typical school interiors, the visitors can look at the textbooks and books for reading that were part of the children and youth education in the 19th c.
The third exhibition highlights Belinsky’s personal life and the extensive amount of literary work. The collection includes writer’s notes and articles, publications of his contemporaries, periodicals of the first half of the 19th c, illustrations and period objects.